In primo piano

Lucrezia Testa Iannilli

FEI World Championships 2022, Pratoni 2022, Roma

We are pleased to announce that Lucrezia Testa Iannilli will show some of her beautiful photos during the FEI World Equestrian Championships, Pratoni 2022!

When you are around, come see them at the booth run by Essenziale Seta!



18 August – 26 September, 2022

Paradiso Pure.Living

August 18th, 2022: Pure.Art Circle is pleased to present TOTEM, the new photographic project by Dorothy Bhawl. 

Starting from the long-running situation concerning wolves’ living condition in Trentino Alto Adige, the artist helps us understanding the true nature of this animal; since it is still considered a dangerous predator and therefore it is brutally hunted by man, the artist recalls how the wolf actually embodies those virtuous traits that -theoretically- belongs to mankind: strength, sense of belonging and loyalty to the pack.

With TOTEM Dorothy Bhawl forces the viewer to rethink and bond with the wolf, a misunderstood animal that should be indeed protected by man. 

The exhibition is patronised by WWF Italia and will be on display at Paradiso Pure.Living until September 26th 2022.

The photographs can be exclusively purchased through Pure.Art Circle; for info and details email us at  info@pureartcircle.com , or call us at +39 348.9391423; +39 349.4582350.



Vincenzo Lo Sasso, Fiori dell’Aglio

August 22th – 26th, 2022

Paradiso Pure.Living

Vincenzo Lo Sasso is back to the Seiser Alm presenting a new project entitled "Fiori dall'Aglio": the artworks (mixed media, photographs printed on aluminum and final oil treatment) are combined with poems written by the artist himself and dedicated to women.

The photographs can be exclusively purchased through Pure.Art Circle; for info and details email us at  info@pureartcircle.com , or call us at +39 348.9391423; +39 349.4582350.




September 10th – 11th, Roncadella, Brescia

We are happy to support Yellow Jam 2022, the event dedicated to urban art that will take place on September 10th-11th. The Festival is organized by Yellow Fat, a collective of street art writers based in Brescia, and includes the participation of more than 100 artists, both Italian and European, pulling together the best-known names of street art’s scene with new emerging talents.

The artists will be painting a retaining wall half a kilometer long, which runs along the southern ring road of Brescia up to Roncadelle.

A urban-regeneration project that Pure.Art Circle is proud to promote!



Pure.Art Circle - Milan Edition

Temporary Exhibition Room

We are thrilled to announce you that Pure.Art has landed in Milan! 

Come see our newest artworks’selection in the coolest venue of Brera: we will be happy to welcome you in Corso Garibaldi 60 for a pure art experience on September 8th from 10am to 9pm.

The Temporary Exhibition Room will run daily from 10 am to 7pm until October 31st: to schedule and customize your visit, please call or whatsapp us at  3385055761; 349 4582350 or visit our website and drop us a line at info@pureartcircle.com



Ilaz: Visit of the artist 26-31 December, 2021

Ilaz is a multimedia artist who conducts research on topics like religion, literature and personal stories.

Starting from these subjects, the artist enlarges the concepts of identity, body, archetypes and myths, posthumanism, gender and sexuality: she analyses them individually and as part of a wider, more complex structure.

We explored her practice and work during the talk that took place on December 27th at Paradiso Pure Living; a conversation between the artist, Alexander Spoegler and the hotel guests who had a personal exchange with the artist herself.

Read more about the artist and have a look at her available artworks in the Artists section!



Dorothy Bhawl: Visit from the artist 11 - 13 August 2021

Heartfelt thanks for the visit to the artist and dear friend Dorothy Bhawl, who always enriches the Circle’s atmosphere! Three of his new, magnetic works are now visible at the Paradiso hotel, as well as in the Artist’s dedicated section on our website.



Vincenzo Lo Sasso: Visit of the artist 19 - 21 July 2021

We’ve been very happy to share these days with our dear friend Vincenzo Lo Sasso, who always brings to Paradiso hotel all marble’s splendour. The pink Ossola marble will now shine outside and inside the spaces of Pure.Living; for availability and further details, please access our "start collecting section". 



Lucrezia Testa Iannilli: "New Humans", Visit of the artist 1 - 7 February 2021

"We are the New Humans, as the future is today." LTI

It is from this premise, far from being simple, that Lucrezia Testa Iannilli's most recent photographic work begins: an investigation without prejudice in search of clues able to solve the ancient rebus "who are we?”, a question that haunts mankind since the very beginning.

"New Humans" is the title of the latest series of works realised by Lucrezia Testa Iannilli, or rather an investigation into how the “man of the future” is manifesting himself.

The project, launched in October 2020 during RAW (Rome Art Week) has now taken a further step in the suggestive context of Paradiso.Pure Living: Iannilli's experimentation, which never stops, has here overcome the physical limit imposed by water, thus bringing her research to an even deeper stage.

To find out more about the artist and the New Humans series, explore the Artist’s dedicated page on our website!