Street Art Pop up Gallery

Street.Art Soul can be described as Pure.Art Circle’s revolutionary core, the spark that inspired the journey towards the democratization of contemporary art, yet with style.

In fact, this rebellious but serious feature distinguishes all the Circle's expressions, being the “street language” one of its main means of expression since the very beginning.

An intimate version of Pure.Art that we are pleased to share, as to disclose its poetry while preserving its mystery.


RAB DAUBER: Artist in residency, Septemper 2021

R.A.B is an Italian street artist, who prefers to call himself an urban defiler.

He has been producing stickers since 2005, mainly with his own logo, spreading them on his city’s streets and starting this way a personal propaganda.

Increasingly involved in the street-art scene and influenced by big names such as Obey and Black La Rat, he then started to handle the stencils: he uses them on several materials (mostly paper and tiles) spreading his images in the most intimate corners of the city. Every place is chosen to underline his identity and presence, claiming “the use of public space” as the artist said.

All his works are the result of a complex search for images, ranging from nature to the pop culture of the 80s and 90s, addressing social themes revisited in a provocative way.

Despite the privileged role assumed by the Internet and social media, Rab still considers the street as the most fascinating and appropriate place to show his works and ideas.

About his practice: 

“I like to work with small dimensions, meaning that sometimes my works are not even noticed; I enjoy placing my works in more or less hidden areas, which gives me a lot of satisfaction, much more satisfaction than having an exhibition in an institutional place. Every time I get out I go check if the piece is still there; in the street, inevitably, things evolve, and each work has its own destiny: it is born when I create it, it lives its life and then dies”


Photos of the work in progress and the completed mural, a permanent work created by R.A.B. Dauber for TWO HOTEL, residence September 2021.

DOES: Artist in residency August 14-19, 2021

Joos van Barneveld, aka DOES, is an international artist from Veghel, Holland.

He started playing football at the age of nine, becoming a professional player for Dutch Serie A at Fortuna Sittard club. 

In 1997 he discovers the world of graffiti, which fascinated him till the point of making him embark on a parallel life: a football player during the day and graffiti artist by night.

In 2010 he was forced to give up his football career after a leg injury; this sudden, sad event has turned into an opportunity for Joos who, from that moment on, decided to completely devote himself to art.

In  fact, his fame grown internationally though the following years, both as a single and as a member of the Love Letters crew, one of the most influential ones around the world (which includes some among the most renown graffiti artists like Nash, Chas, Dare and many others).

DOES’ unique style is characterized by an exceptional stylistic research in lettering that can be identified as a particular form of “controlled dripping”, a distintive figure that makes his artworks always distinguishable.

His letters, with their sparkling colors, are so "taut" to release all their energy, perfectly recreating the effect of an explosive dispersion of paint drops all over the wall.

While many recognize him as an exceptionally talented illustrator and an extraordinary colorist, DOES is now pushing the boundaries of his artistic research into new conceptual directions; an example of this, is the practice of enriching his paintings with concrete layers, thus developing a sort of "contemporary archeology" of urban spaces that gives to his artworks an incredible three-dimensional power, which ultimately make them alive.

Pure.Art Circle is truly honored to host this great artist and friend, who will realize one of his sensational works within the spaces of Paradiso Pure.Living hotel; an artwork that will certainly leave a mark on both the space and on the hotel guests ...


“Intertwined”, permanent installation by Digital DOES for TWO HOTEL, August 2021


Street Art Pop up Gallery

Pure.Art Circle is delighted to present its 'Street Art Pop up Gallery': a showcase that has never appeared in high altitude before, entirely dedicated to street/graffiti art.

Another revolutionary step for us, a unique opportunity for you to experience the power of creative innovation.

Come and have a look at Compatsch 31, 30040 Seiser Alm (BZ), only until September 30th 2021.


Peeta: Artist in residency August 2 – 8, 2021

Manuel di Rita, aka Peeta, needs no introduction.

Active since the late 90s and member of the EAD crews -Padova-, FX and RWK - both from New York - the artist is known as one among the most influential graffiti artists on the Italian and the international scene. 

His unique and unmistakable ability to realize monumental three-dimensional works has surely become his signature throughout the years.

Peeta, in particular, has always been interested in the dialogue between painting and the context in which it integrates, to be read in both an architectural and cultural sense, as well as in the geometric interaction of forms with the space. Through his anamorphic painting Peeta redesigns the volumes of the chosen surfaces, producing an altered perception of familiar contexts and, ultimately, a new way to look at those same spaces. Metaphorically speaking, the attempt is to neutralize preconceptions and encourage the emergence of new points of view.

Peeta has realized artworks and participated in exhibitions all over the world (Japan, America, England, Australia, Hong Kong, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Poland, Spain, Canada, Kosovo, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Bosnia, Singapore, Slovakia, Estonia, Colombia, Greece, Mexico, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belgium, Finland, Polynesia, Portugal …)

We are truly honored to announce that one of his masterpieces will be also visible at the Paradiso Pure.Living hotel!

Permanent installation by Peeta for TWO HOTEL, August 2021


D-279: Artist in residency July 28 – August 1, 2021 

Street.Art Soul is pleased to introduce you D-279, a multidisciplinary artist and incessant experimenter. His research is especially focused on glitch art, a technique that can be described as “the aesthetic form of a mistake" that the artist brings to life in all its fascinating characteristics, presenting us both freshness and potential of this new language.

The work he specifically conceived for Paradiso Pure.Living is a magnificent example of how contemporary art can - and should - be the most effective way to recount our story throughout the years to come…


Installation by D-279 for TWO HOTEL, August 2021


Stefano Mendeni: Artist in residency June 26 – July 4 2021

Performance, drawing, sculpture, graffiti: Stefano's talent and skills manifest in so many mediums that it is impossible, or rather unfair, to associate him with one of those in particular.

He loves studying and experimenting, always dedicating himself to job he undertakes.

During his stay at Paradiso hotel he has realized a large-scale mural, which we could define both a reminder and a warning for the observer: it is time to accelerate the reconnection between man and nature, as well to dismantle the harmful effects that their unnatural separation aroused.

Moreover, Stefano has been the first "spray can" to leave his mark in our Street Art Pop up Gallery, thus inaugurating the space dedicated to all the writers and street artists who will make the Alpe resonate throughout the summer.


POP-UP Street Art Gallery’s installation view (August-September 2021, Compatsch); permanent installation by Stefano Mendeni, Seiser Alm (Compatsch), August 2021