Progetti speciali


Artistic Cresidency with Jeremy Weiss and Nicole Brancato 

27 June - 18 July 2024

Pure.Art Circle proudly presents Infinitesimal, a project by Nicole Brancato - pianist and composer - and Jeremy Weiss - baritone and performer - chosen for the 2024 summer season.

Infinitesimal is a genre-blurring musical memoir that explores life and the unknown passage beyond it; a tribute to the depth and beauty of human existence, through all the universal feelings indwelling every soul. This contemporary opera vastly redefines the singer-pianist traditional approach into a more performative composition.

During their stay at Paradiso Pure.Living the artists have been working on the completion of their research and musical score writing, for which they have been collaborating with Calista Small (social psychologist, researcher and devised theatre artist).

The wide inspirational role played by the Dolomites and the contaminations of traditional South Tyrolean music will co-star in a piece that pays homage to the tradition of chamber music history through avant-garde compositional techniques.

Infinitesimal was made possible also with the support of the Puffin Foundation (New Jersey).

The audience is invited to join their final concert on Tuesday, July 16th, at Paradiso Pure.Living.