About us

Pure.Art Circle is a project by Alexander Spoegler, conceived to promote contemporary art in an unconventional way. 

Various are the activities proposed by the Circle, all aimed at artworks’ sale: site-specific solo and group exhibitions; planning of cultural events (talks, presentation of artist projects), art residencies; commission of artworks by private individuals.

Alexander's affinity to the world of contemporary art and collecting has naturally led him to manage his primary activity through the language of creativity, which is how the Circle was born: a way of looking at art in a holistic, pure way, that transcends the 'store' concept to embrace a more flexible structure, more in line with individual needs.


Pure.Art Circle is rather a 'modus operandi' than a reality in the physical sense.

Its raison d'être is to offer art in a more familiar, informal way: the works are no longer promoted following traditional approaches and the accent is on the 'non-places of art’, meaning environments that can restore a certain authenticity to the dialogue between the artwork and the viewer.

Whether in a hotel, a work space or private home, the goal is always the same: to show the intermingling of art and life.