About Us

Pure.Art Circle is not easy to label.

We could try to describe it as the fulfillment of a common desire, such as to restore contemporary art’s original function as an activator of thought, which appears even more special in a context that was not born with this vocation.

Our goal? To dismantle the idea that the relationship with art must necessarily be consumed within the so-called "places of culture”, or when interpreting the most serious version of oneself.

In the heart of Alpe di Siusi, at Paradiso Pure.Living hotel, we have shaped a small universe where the artistic gesture becomes a regenerating tool: regenerating minds, spirits and the environment that hosts them, and therefore activating an interchange process between different subjects and elements.

This is what we believe in, what we are committed to achieve. 

It is in this place, where time and Earth’s rotation are temporarily suspended, that talented national and international artists are invited to stay. And it is still here that the people - artists and non-artists - share the same space-time, whose unique characteristics are the result of all possible yet unpredictable encounters.

Paradiso, in fact, becomes a futuristic version of the “refuge” concept, where customers can choose whether to momentarily move away from the world or cross the threshold of many others: welcome to the Two Hotel!

Pure.Art Circle triggers and feeds this continuous flow of creativity, which is by all means indefinite because it is alive, and has the ability to self-determine over time. A circle that only in appearance seems to be closed and enclosed on itself, destined to be populated by new presences and contents that will nourish and shape it in continuation.

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