Pure.Art Circle regularly offers a selection of artworks for sale, both at Paradiso Pure.Living and online.

Commissions, site-specific works and the opportunity to start a dialogue with the artist will allow you to tailor your approach to collecting, without neglecting the importance of technical and administrative assistance.


The understanding of the client’s wishes, together with a preliminary study of locations, are the starting point from which Pure.Art Circle develops proposals and exhibition projects for targeted events. 

Bringing an art collection to life as well as setting up a specific event means to build a story and Pure.Art Circle provides the tools to let this happen thoughtfully.


This service is designed to encourage 'flexible collecting', by which is meant that the customer can rethink and modify their art collection over time.

Whether it is a single experience or a longer term collaboration, Pure.Art Circle will support the client in customising the chosen locations (work contexts, private homes, etc.) through the language of art, making the person or the brand associated to those places even more notable. 

Art is by definition THE most effective communication tool mankind has at its disposal, Pure.Art Circle will just help you make good use of it.


Pure.Art Circle is the proud promoter of the 'Two Hotel', the temporary house that hosts national and international artists each year. Artists are invited to stay at ParadisoPure.Living to develop their research and intertwine their stories with those of the unique locations of the UNESCO-protected nature reserve of Sciliar-Catinaccio. 

The result is a personal, inspiring experience destined to affect the perception of the existing spaces, not only from an aesthetic point of view.