Invest in Art

To collect contemporary art is an act of love towards culture and oneself.

To collect contemporary art allows you to intimately enjoy an artwork and feel the inner connection with it.

To collect contemporary art means owning an asset that increases in value over time.

Investing in a work of art, and so in the artist who conceived and created it. Starting your own collection. Discover a new market of safe goods: this is what Pure.Art Circle offers you.

Every artwork, besides its strong aesthetic value, is essentially a reflection of its times or rather the anticipation of those yet to come; its ability to speak to one’s emotions is what has always made it so precious.

It is with this awareness that we have selected a range of artworks for the Circle’s members: significant pieces made by Italian and international artists, emerging and established, each working with her/his own specific language ​​and techniques.

Why investing with Pure.Art Circle?

Because our prices allow anyone to start collecting, even those who prefer to begin with a reasonable investment yet without sacrificing the quality.

Because an advisor will always assist you with the artworks’ choice and, above all, she/he can arrange a personal and privileged exchange with the artist.  

Collecting with Pure.Art Circle means to live an experience: the Circle’s members have the opportunity to get to know the artists in person, visit their studios firsthand and commission new artworks, as well as participate in events especially conceived for the inner Circle.

Members will also have the opportunity to rent the artworks, an option that allows them to give a new look to their studio, their home or just to turn a special event into a unique experience.

Pure.Art Circle truly believes that investing in contemporary art and starting a collection is first and foremost an act of love towards oneself.

Investing in art, ultimately, means surrounding yourself with traces of your own history, and Pure.Art Circle is pleased to be there with you during the journey.

Start to collect!