Carla Cañellas

From the moment a seed is planted and until it gets digested begins a journey that can either lead to the construction of a house or its whole destruction; that house is a common place “ - this is how Carla Cañellas and Eugenio Tardon draw attention to the power of conscious decisions, being it related to the food we choose to consume or to any other behavior observed in the daily life.

A lugar comùn also mean a whole of commonplaces, that common knowledge that we all share and yet it continue to be largely ignored. A common place is a multimedia work that assumes the shape of a refuge: a small maso (a typical architecture of the Tyrol region) made of a bamboo structure and washi paper walls enriched by ink drawings. 

We assembled it following the work practises of a few eco-sustainable, organic and biodynamic producers; we experienced the harvest, the processing and eventually the transformation carried out in the kitchen; through their example, we built a house resplendent with own light“ - the artist duo designed a structure that is fragile yet powerful at the same time; a projector installed inside the house  screens on the paper facades the videos filmed during their explorations, disclosing the stories of a remarkable value-added food supply chain.