Elena Monzo

Elena Monzo presents us the world from the feminine perspective: her art is an act of rebellion against a society that demands perfectness from women. Her subjects are often portrayed in provocative attitudes, determined to flaunt a strength and confidence that, however, turn out to be only professed. In fact, in Monzo's portrayals one can easily score all the fragility and insecurity that these figures conceal within themselves, victims of an imposed aesthetic that is impossible to please. Fragments of fabrics, glitters, showy dresses and exaggerated make-up are the accessories that bind together all the different pieces of the woman's body, through which the artist evokes the magnificence of the inner magma of a woman. Elena Monzo's work is hence both condemnation and attempt to restore sisterhood through the story of all these women, capable of falling apart, transforming themselves and always being reborn from their own ashes.