R.A.B is an Italian street artist, who prefers to call himself an urban defiler.

He has been producing stickers since 2005, mainly with his own logo, spreading them on his city’s streets and starting this way a personal propaganda.

Increasingly involved in the street-art scene and influenced by big names such as Obey and Black La Rat, he then started to handle the stencils using them on several materials (mostly paper and tiles) spreading his images in the most intimate corners of the city. 

The places are chosen to underline his identity and presence, claiming “the use of public space” as the artist said.

All his works are the result of a multifaceted search for images, ranging from nature to the pop culture of the 80s and 90s, addressing social themes yet revisited in a provocative way.

Despite the role assumed nowadays by the Internet and social media, Rab still considers the street as the most fascinating and appropriate place to show his work and ideas.