Stefania Vichi

Stefania Vichi and her art are impossible to contain in just a few lines.
The spiritual heir of the masters of Renaissance and modern art, Vichi plays at mixing and reforming all the cornerstones of the Italian cultural tradition as to make them available to the public. Don’t get fooled, she is not being just selfless, as she rather aims to shake the sleepy minds of the contemporary art scene! In her work one can discern an ironic criticism of that system that has confined art to a mere “entertainment tool” and, above all, the affirmation of a principle that is unwavering for the artist herself: art is nourishment, it is raison d'être, it is our life. 
High relief sculptures, installations, intravenous drips of art, Vichi created a vast 'toolbox' with which to recharge the viewer with that confidence in the cult of beauty and wonder, reminding us that "time passes, and while men remain the same art evolves and survives them.."


Is art for everyone or is it rather meant for a carefully selected few?

It is from this question that "ART ACCESS," Stefania Vichi's desecrating new art project was born.

Video conceived and directed by Stefania Vichi

In collaboration with Simone Rossi

The project is supported and promoted by Pure.Art Circle